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Earth Day and 100 trees in Vesuvius in Skawina


Oxygen per year for 50 people and elimination of 750 kg of CO2* – these are measurable benefits of tree planting campaign in the Vesuvius plant in Skawina! At the initiative of our employees, we planted about 100 trees. Among selected species there are alders, hornbeams, spruces and beeches.

– We decided to plant the first hundred trees here and this is a beautiful beginning of a very good initiative for the local community we are a part of – says Aleksander Sawiuk, Site Director Skawina. – My ambition is that we will plant not a hundred trees, but a few thousand – he adds.

The project was part of broader activities of our company – creating a better tomorrow for our planet is one of the elements of the sustainable development strategy.

However, the action was not only about caring for our planet but also a great way to build teamwork skills.

– This is a bottom-up initiative in line with the new strategy, and we are delighted that Vesuvius supported this idea and helped organize this action today – says one of the initiators of the action, Magdalena Prochownik, EMS Specialist. – It is also very pleasing that the employees’ response to the invitation to participate in the planting turned out to be so great – she adds.

We would like to thank all employees for participating in the action and invite you to watch our video!

(*data comes from the publication “CO2 Calculator” by the Aeris Futuro Foundation)


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