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The success of the pilot project "Vesuvius Poland Success Story of Tasks Management Board"


Representatives from Vesuvius Poland participated in the “Lean Trends Conference,” a leading event focused on Lean concepts in Poland. During the event, our team presented the pilot project “Success Story of Tasks Management Board,” which focuses on optimizing task management and communication in the MONO department.

The “Success Story of Tasks Management Board” project, implemented in the MONO department at Vesuvius Poland in Skawina, was developed in response to the team’s needs. Its concept focused on optimizing task management and communication.

“We realized that a lot of data was scattered across different locations – on network drives, in the cloud, and on employees’ personal computers. This made task management difficult, and accessing information was cumbersome,” said Mariusz Szymański, APU Manager at Vesuvius Poland.

A unified documentation standard and a template applicable throughout the MONO department were introduced. This achieved consistency and transparency in action plan management, reducing the number of meetings needed to discuss the same topics.

Another challenge was the number of tasks assigned to one person and their prioritization. The project allowed assigning each person a specific task, enabling them to focus on that particular assignment.

Implementing the “Success Story of Tasks Management Board” initiative established clear goals and expected outcomes for each task, as well as defining milestones to help achieve these goals. This provided the team members with a clear reference point and enabled them to work more efficiently towards success.

Ultimately, to effectively manage projects and communication, appropriate tools were utilized. The management board allowed task assignment and tracking progress, effective priority setting, and facilitated team communication through a visual format. This ultimately resulted in increased efficiency, better utilization of the team’s potential, and reduced the number of meetings.

The creation of the “Success Story of Tasks Management Board” project contributed to improvements in the MONO department. The tailored tools implemented for the department’s needs facilitated efficient project and task management, enhancing the productivity of the department.

Among the project authors were engineers specializing in Lean, including Jacek Kukiz, Mariusz Szymański, and Mieszko Daraż.

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