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Innovative installation for reducing nitrogen oxide NOx - project successfully completed


In November of this year, we completed an innovative project for a reducing nitrogen oxide NOx from fumes. This is the first system of its kind in Poland and first in Vesuvius.

This is a unique in its scale project of ecological reducing nitrogen oxide NOx from fumes. The system is connected to 7 independent devices, being the first of its kind in Poland. The installation was entirely designed, constructed and launched by specialists from SBB ENERGY S.A. – a leader in innovative solutions for energy and industry in this part of Europe.

Thanks to the solutions used, the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) installation effectively reduces NOx nitrogen oxide emissions into the atmosphere by more than 95 percent, and the local community breathes cleaner air.

Each of the 7 units (six kilns nad one curing) connected to the fully automatic plant has dedicated flow modules, so that the flue gases are separately monitored and received into catalyst packages. The process was designed using SCR technology with ammonia water as reactant. Thanks to a highly sophisticated control system, the reagent is dosed in a homogeneous stream at just half a liter per hour, highlighting the extreme precision of the entire process.

– „Our plant has gained a state-of-the-art system that meets numerous strict emission standards, which is also particularly important from the point of view of Skawina residents. I’m glad that any challenges we encountered along the way to the implementation of this project were easily solved thanks to the innovation and out-of-the-box ideas of SBB ENERGY engineers” says Piotr Serwatka, Manufacturing Engineering Project Manager at our company.

Special thanks go to the team members: Piotr Serwatka, Rafal Wisniewski, Sylwia Kruk, Maciej Dziedzic, Grzegorz Kania, Robert Rokicki, Piotr Wnek, Magdalena Noganska, Maciej Bil, Jacek Gac, Malgorzata Pawlina and all the other people who contributed to the realization of such a complex and innovative project at Vesuvius. Once again, thank you very much.

Below you will find some photos from this investment.

Vesuvius Skawina sets an example at Safety Days



Representation of Vesuvius Skawina once again at Runmageddon



CEO Patrick André visits Vesuvius plant in Skawina



Earth Day celebration at Vesuvius Poland!



"Own your journey" – new edition of the recruitment campaign of Vesuvius Poland in Skawina



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