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What do doughnuts, onions and the spine have in common? - ergonomic workshops in Vesuvius Skawina


What do doughnuts, onions and the spine have in common? This was the question posed to the W1 department employees during an ergonomics workshop last Friday, aimed at improving safety and developing new habits during their daily work. It is thanks to this meeting that they know that the discs in the spine are made up of layers (like an onion) and have a ‘marmalade’ (like a doughnut), or nucleus pulposus, inside.

Thanks to a practical workshop, Vesuvius employees in Skawina were able to recall the principles of ergonomics and see how its absence affects human health.

Using anatomical models, we saw how our spine behaves when lifting loads of the same weight, but from different heights and distances. We were also able to practice correct and safe lifting techniques ourselves under the guidance of a specialist” says Marta Majewska, health and safety specialist from the W1 department.

There was also a joint warm-up before work, and the trainers presented a range of stretching exercises that can be done during a break from work to bring relief to the back, shoulders and hands. There was also a section on holding tools correctly and the effort put in when we hold them in a way that is ‘comfortable’ for us, but not necessarily ergonomic.

We believe that when making everyday decisions both at work and outside of work, from now on we will have a doughnut, an onion and the idea that we only have one spine” Marta humorously sums up the meeting.



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